LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Harrison County Police say one of the men involved in a recent drug bust is now behind bars.

Damon Schnellenberger was arrested early Saturday morning at a home on Keply Road in Georgetown, Indiana, after the Harrison County Police Department received a tip that he was at the residence.

Officials say they also arrested Donald McKim Jr. and Deborah Andres. According to Harrison County Police all three were cooking meth inside the Georgetown home early Saturday morning. Authorities also say there were two active meth labs on the property.




It all started Thursday morning in Lanesville, Ind. Authorities say William Berkley and Damon Schnellenberger led police on a foot chase and directly through hundreds of marijuana plants. "The person that they were chasing took them right into the marijuana patch so that's how the initial marijuana came about outside of the residence," said Captain Brad Shepherd of the Harrison County Police Department.

Shepherd said law enforcement also found lights and tools needed to grow marijuana, marijuana, and an active meth lab. "Upon searching for the gentleman that ran we located what appeared to be remnants of a meth lab inside of the residence as well as more marijuana." Police said they later found multiple working meth labs inside the home and garage, along with a loaded sawed-off shotgun.

Authorities arrested Berkley on the scene, but Schnellenberger got away.

By Friday evening, police were led to a house on Keply Road in Georgetown where they found Shnellenberger and two other people cooking meth inside. Police arrested Shnellenberger, along with McKim Jr. and Andres.

Shannon Wessling lives only yards away from the home, and says she always suspected drugs were being sold next door. "There was like a bunch of cars that would go in and out of their driveway and be at the house for like two minutes at a time," she said.

As a mother of two small children, she was concerned, but never had any concrete evidence to support her gut instinct. "He never offered me anything, or asked me if I wanted to buy anything, and so I never had any real evidence to call the cops with."

Now Wessling can rest easy, as her neighbors and two others sit in Floyd County jail. The three arrested overnight in Georgetown are all charged with manufacturing meth, and several other misdemeanor charges.

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