FRANKFORT, KY. (WDRB)--Pay your taxes or else!  That's the message from the Kentucky Department of Revenue. 

Going forward, anyone who doesn't pay their taxes could lose their license, and not just the one they use to drive.

"We do issue a bill and they have 45 days to protest that bill," says Tammy Watts, with The Department of Revenue.

Monday afternoon, members of the Kentucky Department of Revenue answered questions from lawmakers about a new bill on the books aimed at collecting delinquent taxes.

"Now, what are we going to do if these things...if you suspend the license and it continues on and nothing happens?" asked on Kentucky Lawmaker.

Kentucky lawmakers recently passed a bill that gives the department of revenue the option of suspending someone's license if their taxes are delinquent.

"The department of collections is tasked with collecting taxes and they need tools to do that," says Pamela Trautner, with Finance and Administration Cabinet.

And your drivers license is just one of several options the department of revenue now has.

Trautner says,"It could be your vehicle registration is revoked or suspended, it could be professional license which could be you know, electricians, plumbers, barbers and all sorts of other professional type licenses."

Lawmakers passed the bill, however, seemed concerned about how it will hurt Kentuckians once implemented.

One lawmaker explained,"It can cause other people pain if they're driving without license and they have an accident then they're not going to be covered with insurance."

The department of revenue says the suspensions will only happen after they've exhausted every effort to collect delinquent taxes.

"The department of revenue tries to work with every taxpayer and there's always going to be unforeseen circumstances," says Trautner.

"We try to contact everybody and then we send one if not two collection letters," says Watts.

The Department of Revenue plans to start implementing the new law sometime later this year.

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