MILTON, Ky. (WDRB) -- Explosives brought down a section of the old Milton-Madison bridge early Tuesday.

The charges went off at 9:13 a.m. eastern time, bringing down a 700-foot section of the bridge.

It was delayed for several days because of high water levels and a swift current on the Ohio River.

Spectators had to remain outside of the 1,000 foot safety perimeter, which will be maintained by local authorities.

Recreational boaters were required to stay 1,000 feet from the bridge. An FAA no-fly zone of 2,000 feet was also in effect.

Andrew Forrester, Community Relations Director for Madison, Indiana, says the implosion of the bridge has been a hot topic.

"There is definitely a buzz about this event in town," Forrester said. "It's all that we've been able to talk about for the last couple of weeks."

The bridge has been in the community since 1929, and Forrester says many people feel a connection.

"The people in our community really connect with the bridge, and what makes our community special, obviously, is our historic downtown, but also the fact that we're on the river," Forrester said. "And we've got a beautiful view and a beautiful bridge, so it's very important to our tight-knit community."

Small explosive charges were placed at critical locations on the bridge. The charges were detonated in intervals to control the direction of the fall.

Pieces of the truss will be retrieved from the river, placed on barges, and taken to the shore for further dismantling and eventually sold for scrap.

Divers are on call to ensure all pieces are removed.

The new bridge remained closed for a couple of hours after the blast.

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