INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WDRB) -- Southern Indiana will soon receive a new area code to resolve the shortage of numbers with the 812 area code.

Area code 930 will be assigned to southern Indiana. The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission adopted an overlay, which allows a new area code in the same geographic area as an existing area.

This means that customers requesting a new number could have the 930 area code and 10-digit dialing would be required for all local calls.

The existence of both the 812 and 930 area codes allows existing customers to keep their 812 area codes, but will now have to dial all 10 digits for local calls because there will be two different area codes covering the same area of central and southern Indiana.

Customers should expect new numbers to receive the 930 area code for land line or cellular lines when the change takes effect because there are virtually no 812 numbers left.

The transition to the 930 area code will take 13 months, to prepare and educate the customers about the change, especially when it comes to instituting the 10-digit dialing. The final 7 months of the transition period will implement 10-digit dialing, with the final month making mandatory the use of area codes for local calls.

Before Wednesday's announcement, the 812 area code was the only remaining area code in Indiana left untouched. Population growth and increasing demand contributed to the need for the 930 area code.

The IURC projects the 930 and 812 area codes have a life of 71 years.

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