Oldham Co., Ky (WDRD) -- Some homeowners in Oldham County aren't happy about the idea of adding a home development to what is a rather rural area.

"Citizens Against Dogwood Estates" plan to take action against the proposal that would add more than 100 homes to a 60 acre area.

They're worried it would ruin their current peaceful, country environment.

Jack Lockery has lived in the area for fifteen years and says that's how they want to keep it.

"They're proposing to put three houses per acre and here we have one house every three acres," said Lockery.

Lockery says the developer is also requesting annexation to the City of LaGrange even though the property in question, he says, is outside the city limits.

Lockery says he and his neighbors believe the idea behind the development has to do with revenue.

"It is to have an additional tax base," Lockery told WDRB.

Residents have placed yellow signs in their yards to raise awareness. They read: No annexation. No rezoning. No Dogwood Estates.

"All the signs are the same. We got tremendous participation from our neighbors," said Lockery.

If you drive the few mile stretch, you'll see hundreds of those signs.

Lockery says this isn't the first time they've gone through this.

In 2007, he says the city proposed a subdivision called Summit Parks in the same area ... but he says the development went bankrupt and only three homes were built.

Other concerns residents have include blasting for new waterlines, removal of trees and traffic.

"There will be over 1400 additional daily trips down Zhale Smith Road if that goes in," said Lockery.

The topic was discussed at the last city council meeting and Lockery says the council was stunned by the outpour of their emotions that they tabled it to allow themselves to get more information.

"We just ask if someone, anyone is going to put something out here, have some sensitivity to the surrounding area and clearly this development does not," he said.

The council will meet Monday night and Dogwood Estates is on the agenda.

Lockery says "Citizens Against Dogwood Estates" will be there.

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