LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Louisville mother who's son collapsed at football practice and later died wants to make sure no other parent suffers her same pain. Max Gilpin's mother is trying to raise awareness and money for equipment that could help save lives.

August 23, 2008, PRP High School student Max Gilpin dies of complications from heat stroke.  Three days prior he collapsed during a hot football practice.

"I never want this to happen to another child again. It didn't have to happen it did. We all learned from it," said Gilpin's mother, Michele Crockett.

That learning process has been long and painful.  Coach Jason Stinson was tried for reckless homicide.  He was found not guilty.  Still, the controversial case drew national attention as it marked the first time a high school coach was charged with a player's heat-related death.  Today Max's mom, Michele Crockett, is moving forward.  She's founded the Max Gilpin beat the heat foundation.  At the organization's fundraising walk this weekend volunteers handed out these refillable water bottles which are plastered with a reminder about drinking water before, during and after playing sports.

"Heat stroke is preventable and you need to react quickly and you need to know the warning signs," said Crockett.

Max's death prompted the school district to conduct seminars about safety for coaches and athletic staff.  Today all student athletes must watch a video which includes information about heat stroke and exhaustion. Coaches are also required to check the heat index 30 minutes prior to the start of practice or a game. A heat index above 104 means practice has to move inside. Max's mom is now working with JCPS.  She wants to provide every high school with at least one cooling fan

"It's another piece of equipment that we'd like to offer once we get enough funds raised to each high school football team to keep them cooled off," she explained.

A mother trying to find new purpose after losing a son too soon…

"It's preventable and with quick action lives can be saved no doubt," said Crockett.

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