LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Louisville man has been arrested for murder after police say he allowed an injured woman to die in a bed in a Louisville apartment.

According to an arrest report, the incident took place Sunday evening. Police say 54-year-old Joseph L. Duncan approached a witness and asked for help moving an injured woman. Witnesses say the woman was bloody and had sustained injuries.

Duncan allegedly told police that he used a friend's car to transport the woman to an apartment on Dixdale Avenue, near the intersection of Dixie Highway and Algonquin Parkway, and carried her inside, placing her in a bed. The woman later died.

Terry Crumpton says he has been friends with Duncan for years. He says he was the one who picked Duncan and the woman in her 50's up off of 22nd Street.

Crumpton says, "She was lying in the grass passed out drunk. He helped her get into the car.I took them down to Thornton's, then brought him here. He helped her in to the apartment and he laid her across the bed and asked if she wanted to go to the doctor and she said no."

Crumpton says, "She was alive when she got in my car. I know she died here because we found her dead the next morning. I don't know how he committed the crime, if he committed the crime. I don't think he committed the crime."

"He did not seek medical treatment for the victim, and based on witness statements, he was the last person to see the victim alive prior to the discovery of her corpse in...bed," police say.

Police say blood was in the car used to transport the victim, and Duncan was in possession of the woman's cell phone. A friend says there were small drops of blood.

Her death was ruled a homicide, and police say she died from blunt force trauma and strangulation.

Duncan was arrested and charged with murder, according to the arrest report. He is expected to be arraigned Tuesday morning.

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