LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A weekend home break-in ended with an elderly couple dead, and days later, more disturbing clues about the teenagers charged with the crime are emerging.

Loved ones made pleas for privacy following separate hearings for suspects Kevin Schuler and Austin Scott on Monday. We now know police arrested the 18-year olds in Floyd County after Austin Scott allegedly fired a gun at Justin Scott Saturday afternoon.

Their relationship is unclear, but police say it all ties back to the double homicide in rural Harrison County hours earlier. Court records say three handguns and hydrocodone were stolen from Gary Henderson and Asenath Arnold's Walk Drive home.

"Ms. Arnold was beaten to death, and Mr. Henderson was stabbed to death," said Harrison County Sheriff Rod Seelye. "This was simply a burglary that went wrong and two very innocent people were killed as a result."

The teens are charged with receipt of stolen property, possession of a controlled substance and illegal possession of a handgun in Floyd County.

Murder charges in Harrison County are pending.  

"This was a heinous crime, and something that shouldn't have happened," Seelye said.

The shock is spreading throughout the community. Friends say Arnold was in a wheelchair and couldn't fight back.  Gary Henderson was well know for his horse and carriage company.

Joe Huber Jr. says he worked weekends at his farm for 20 years.

"He did a lot of pony rides in the fall every year," Huber said. "He also would bring his carriage up and give people rides into the front of the restaurant, and that way people wouldn't have to walk so far, or he would do the carriage rides for our wedding events."

It's long been a family business, but Monday the flag waved at half-staff for those who were like family.

The cases are moving forward separately as Austin Scott is also charged with criminal recklessness for allegedly firing that weapon.  We've also learned of both teens' criminal records.

Schuler was charged with drug possession and dealing pills earlier this year. Scott has had six juvenile charges.

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