LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- After a long day of testimony Monday from the father of a teen on trial for murdering his 14-year-old stepbrother, witnesses continued to deny Josh Young's innocence on Tuesday.

Joshua Young, 17, is on trial for the murder of his stepbrother, Terrance "Trey" Zwicker. Joshua's father, Josh Gouker, confessed to the murder and was sentenced to life in prison at the end of July.

On Monday, Gouker took the stand after defense attorneys and prosecutors called him a "monster" and a "liar" in the past. 

Gouker's testimony was full of expletives and outbursts. In his testimony, he referred to himself as a liar, but made it clear that he lied up until the point when he was arraigned and confessed to the crime. 

Gouker originally told police that his son, Joshua Young, beat Zwicker to death in May of 2011 with a baseball bat. He then later told police that Young played no part in the crime. 

Later, when asked why "he did it," Gouker said "his (Trey's) mom Amanda McFarland killed a couple of mine and it just felt right." 

Witnesses, like Cassie Gouker, a first cousin to Josh Gouker, said otherwise. 

Cassie, a former lover, related to "Big Josh" through marriage, testified that Young came to her and woke her up to help him get rid of evidence. Cassie said Young brought her a bloody bag of clothes and a baseball bat stained in blood.

"I didn't ask questions," said Cassie Gouker, who admitted she "did not think they would do something like that to Trey."

Cassie said she drove Young to a desolate area where he disposed of the supposed murder weapon.  This was the original story told by Josh Gouker when he found himself in the spotlight as a suspect in 2011.
On Tuesday, Cassie Gouker's boyfriend, John Robertson, took the stand, after being sworn in on Monday. Robertson testified that Joshua Young also admitted to him that he beat Trey Zwicker to death in May of 2011. He described the murder weapon as an older, wooden Louisville Slugger bat. Cassie Gouker gave the same description of the bat, the at suspected that Young asked her to help him get rid of.
Robertson admitted he originally lied to police about what he knew because he "did not think Josh did it." When asked by the defense attorney why he changed his story, he replied "I wanted the truth to come out."  Robertson also admitted, when questioned, that "in a way (he) was" intimidated by Josh Gouker.
The prosecution is expected to wrap up on Wednesday.
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