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Legal expert weighs in on Joshua Young murder trial

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB)---The Joshua Young murder trial is coming to an end, with the defense resting its case on Thursday.

On the last day of testimony, the defense called four witnesses to the stand, including Allison Miller, a social worker who spoke about the relationship she saw between Joshua Young and his stepbrother, Trey Zwicker.

"When I showed up at the home they were sitting together on the couch playing video games. Very relaxed, kinda joking with each other," Allison Miller said while on the stand.

That's the side of 17-year-old Joshua Young the defense hoped to get across to the jury.

The prosecution maintains however, that at 15-years-old, he helped his father, Joshua Gouker, kill 14-year-old Zwicker.

Young was never called to the stand.

WDRB's Tamara Evans sat down with attorney David Mejia for an outside perspective on the case.

"The accused is not required, nor can he be compelled to testify or give evidence in the case, and if he doesn't, the jury is instructed in the strongest terms not to hold that against him," says Attorney David Mejia.

During the trial, witnesses testified that Young confessed to the crime. His father told the jury Young wasn't involved.

However, early in the investigation, Joshua Gouker told police that the teen committed the crime.

"I think that it's just extremely difficult for a jury to listen to the testimony of a convicted murderer and to accept that person's version of what happened," says David Mejia.

The jury will now have to weigh all testimony, without a lot of physical evidence. A murder weapon was never recovered.

Mejia says it could take the jury at least 6 hours or more to come to a decision.

"We like to say that if the jury has heard evidence for 5 days for instance, 5 full days of trial testimony, that they'll devote an hour more or less to each day," says David Mejia.

Meanwhile, the trial continues to receive national attention as people wait for the outcome.  

"Nothing is more hard to contemplate, for people to grapple with than the death of a child," says David Mejia.

Closing arguments are set for Friday morning. Then jury will then get the case.

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