LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- In this school smarts report, Sterling Riggs swaps gigs with a lunch room worker to see if he can handle the heat in the kitchen.

Take one step into Rose Tyler's kitchen at Highland Hills and you'll notice lunch lady land is changing. Once a staple in lunch lady fashion, hairnets are old school. The workers now wear caps or visors.

Cafeteria Manager Rose Tyler says the workers want to look more professional and uniforms help the students identify them.

Tyler and her staff prepare meals for 1,700 students every day. It typically takes three hours to get everything ready before the first wave of students flood into the lunchroom.

I was able to get a true taste of the action by working the main line. Rose gave me a few quick tips. "Speed is very important. You get about 360 kids coming through so you can't just stand around. You have to work quickly!"

Make no mistake about it, this is no easy task. When it's go time, they just keep coming at you; one hungry student after another.

Before I knew it, my 20 minute shift was over. I didn't leave with the nickname speedy, but I was able to hang with the professionals.

Before I gave my scooper back for good, I had to ask Tyler why she loves her job so much.

"I always said that I'm going to quit when I don't like kids. I still love kids." said Tyler.


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