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Bride's heart stops weeks before wedding

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Fox NewsEdge iPump-- Less than four weeks before a Detroit woman was supposed to get married, her life took a tragic turn. Meghan Warren says she had to drive herself to a local hospital back in July after having chest pains.

"I don't see myself as a miracle," said Meghan Warren, bride-to-be. It turns out a complication from sleep apnea actually stopped her heart. An attendant in the hospital saw her turning blue and began performing CPR. "An attendant was walking by, saw me turning blue and started CPR," said Warren. She didn't take a breath for 19 minutes. "We said 'goodnight' to her and she was fine and then that night, that's when she coded," said Jerilyne Neeme mother-in-law-to be.

After her heart began pumping again, doctors dropped her body temperature by putting her in ice to protect her brain. They slowly warmed her back up, the procedure working perfectly. "I was so shocked that she's talking normal, she's walking everything, she's back to Megan and we're just so shocked because 19 minutes; normally, I've heard of people holding their breath for like four, but 19 minutes?," said Kristy Neeme, sister-in-law to be. "The doctor told everybody I would have brain damage, memory loss or be a vegetable. So me being alive, walking and talking and getting married. It's a miracle," said Neeme.

Despite what doctors told her family about her prognosis, Warren says it's a miracle that she's still alive and able to get married.

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