Louisville, KY (WDRB) -- It's estimated that one in five Kentuckiana children go to bed hungry. In the past year, Dare to Care gave out 13 million meals. Now, the focus is just on children.

David Novak, the Yum Brands Chairman and CEO says, "There is no reason why any kid in this community should ever go to bed hungry, so let's attack that issue."

Cases and cases of chocolate milk, fresh fruits such as cantaloupe, and dozens of cans of beans were available at the new Dare to Care Community Kitchen now that it's officially open.

Chef Jon Meng with Dare to Care Community Kitchen says, "We have three full-time cooks for the kitchen, three full-time drivers for the trucks, and a bunch of volunteers that come help us out every day."

Chef Jon Meng was at the head of the table preparing all of those meals. He said, "Today we made chili for the kids. We do a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. They're having marinated cucumbers today, cucumbers, onions, tomato, fresh herbs."

This kitchen is a big change for Dare to Care. The food bank is used to getting donations of dry and canned goods. But Dare to Care is using the food to make hot meals to make sure children don't go hungry.

Brian Riendeau, the Executive Director of the Dare to Care Food Bank, says, "We will now be serving hot nutritious meals to kids in after-day sites across the city. This facility is currently producing 1000 meals a day."

They're expecting to make 5000 meals a week, which triples the number of Kids Cafe meals currently being served. This kitchen was made possible with the help of Novak.

Novak says, "As a family, Ashley, Wendy, my wife and I, we've been very blessed. We think we can make a difference as well in terms of attacking this issue and so we're very pleased we've been able to make a grant of $1.5 million to get this community kitchen up and running."

Meng says, "We try to serve the same meals we'd feed ourselves, our families, anybody else."

Dare to Care operates 17 Kids Cafes in after-school locations. On weekends, it also sends home backpacks of food at 36 local elementary schools.

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