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Paul: Different...but presidential?

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) --Back in Kentucky for the Congressional August recess, U-S Senator, Rand Paul spoke to a Louisville audience. The focus? Why Can't Washington get anything done?

"Why can't you just hold hands and sing kumbaya and get something done for the country," said Paul.  

What makes him a compromiser?  Paul says it's his affiliation to his principals and not party.

He made that case this week, agreeing with Attorney General Eric Holder's call to reform drug sentencing policies.

"I'm working with the democrats with Senator Leahy on bill to end mandatory minimums what are mandatory minimums? When the judge has no discretion," explained Paul.

But some of Paul ideas get no support from either party.   He's got a controversial view on foreign aid wanting to strip all support from Egypt.

"They polled Egyptian people recently 80% of the Egyptian people don't want our money because the money goes to buy tanks that roll over them and tear gas they get sprayed with so you can see why it's just counterproductive," said Paul.  

Where Paul is towing the party line is his unwavering support for Senate Minority leader, Mitch McConnell, as he tries to get re-elected.  That's despite Tea Party backed Republican, Matt Bevin, entering the race.

"About a year ago I endorsed Sen. McConnell and I'm going to stick with that I support Sen. McConnell. I think he's done a good job for Kentucky," he said.

The Louisville audience called him polished and interesting but many also said  he has a long way to go if he's thinking about running for president.

"Running for president? I don't think he has the depth for it," said Louisville Forum participant, Sandy Reese.

"It'd be a tough race for him," said Ken Herrington.

Reese disagrees with Paul most on his immigration policy.

"We have a great country we can welcome a lot of people but it shouldn't be here's the door come on in we have a great welfare system so there do have to be limits placed on it I am for the limits especially for new immigrants," said Paul.

A buzz maker, and not afraid to ruffle feathers but a compromiser?  The jury's still out.

"He really came across well if you already agree with him. I don't," said Reese.

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