Louisville, KY (WDRB) More than 100,000 students are headed back to school next week as JCPS starts the school year. But the need for free school supplies and uniforms is high.

At Byck Elementary School, the need is great. Uniforms can be checked out, but because they are not enough, they have to be returned before the kids go home that day.

Sky Everett, the Family Resource Coordinator at Byck says, "Which sometimes can be humiliating to the child. We'd love to provide a child with more and more and more, but unfortunately we aren't able to do that because we don't have enough to go around for all of the needs."

Her office is full of donated supplies that have come from the community and even teachers.

Everett has a closet full of donated goods. She says, "Colored pencils, lots of pens that have been donated, glue is down here."

But while the families are receiving some help, it's not enough to keep up with the need.

Everett says, "We do have the Clothing Assistance Program. Unfortunately, they are only able to supply one uniform to each family. As you know if our families are at an 89 percent free and reduced lunches, they may not have the capacity to wash and dry and clean that uniform everyday."

620 students attend Byck. At this Back to School bash, students and families lined up as 200 backpacks were given away full of supplies.

Mycha Maddox, a 4th grade was excited to get the backpack full of "Paper, ruler, pencil, erasers and different kinds of stuff," he says.

Tyra Maddox, his mother says, "Some of that stuff I've seen in that backpack that I didn't have, they got in their backpacks from here and it helps a lot."

JCPS says district wide nearly 63 percent of students are on free and reduced lunch which shows just how much need there is at this school and many others.

Byck officials say on the first day of school if a student comes in without a backpack, they will be given one in a discreet way, along with a tag that has their transportation information. so they can start the school year off right.

And while many donations come in now, Byck says it need more supplies year-round, just contact the Family Resource Center.

Tamara Darden, the Byck Principal says, "We need belts, uniform shirts and uniform pants. Our uniforms are navy and khaki pants and any color polo top."

JCPS heads back to school on Tuesday August 20th.

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