LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- Even though Louisville's unemployment rate remains relatively high, many Louisville companies are desperately looking for part-time help.

"We have openings for 200 people, today," says the operations manager at Packaging Unlimited Sherri Smith.  The company located in West Louisville just off Algonquin Parkway packages products for many other companies.

It is a busy place with workers moving quickly packing large boxes with various products, but the company would like to attract more temporary workers.

"Business has picked up," says Smith, "I think it is an indication of the state of the economy in general, we do a lot of business for a lot of Fortune 500 companies and we are seeing an absolute upturn in demand."

But finding employees willing to work only part-time and at a relatively low wage remains a challenge for many companies around Louisville, even though the latest unemployment rate for the metro area is currently 8.2 percent.

Malone Staffing, an employment agency, is trying to fill a total of nearly a thousand jobs that pay between $7.25 to $15 an hour in several industries that are strong in Louisville.

"We have positions open all over Louisville, in logistics, manufacturing, and in hospitals," says the president of Malone Staffing, Tim Malone.

While the economy is improving on many fronts, Malone says many companies are not yet willing to invest in new permanent employees.

"Most of the companies have gotten leaner," explains Malone, "they've cut back on full time workers, so the contingent workforce works out really well for the peaks and valleys in their business."

Part-time work sometimes turns into full-time like Michael Barnett. He was hired at Packaging Unlimited two years ago as a temp and now is a full time warehouse manager.

"As long as you come in here with a great attitude, things can happen, we do notice people," says Barnett.

If you are interested in temporary employment that possibly could turn into full time work visit www.malonesolutions.com

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