LOUISVILLE, Ky.  (WDRB) -- The former Jefferson County Constable who shot a woman at a Louisville Walmart has agreed not to take part in any of the business activities of his security company, Securus.

Prosecutors had contended Whitlock violated his probation by opening the security business on Dixie Highway.

Whitlock was charged after shooting an alleged shoplifter at the Walmart on Raggard Lane on Nov. 2, 2011. According to police reports, Whitlock was shopping at the store when he was alerted to a possible shoplifter.

Whitlock followed the woman, Tammie Ortiz, to her car, but she refused to stop. Whitlock later told police that his weapon discharged when Ortiz ran over his foot. She was wounded in the arm and face.

Whitlock was told he must never work in law enforcement again and must resign his position, under a plea deal reached with prosecutors.

Prosecutors said his work with Securus violated the terms of his plea deal.  On Friday, Whitlock agreed not to take part in any of the company's business dealings, but he was allowed to keep his name on the company's articles of incorporation.

Whitlock's probation, according to his attorney, ends in "October, early November," and he would be allowed to participate in business activities for Securus after that.  His attorney, however, points out that so far Securus is a "shell company," and has no clients.


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