LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Whether you go for the food, the rides or the exhibits, your first fair attraction will be the parking. After many people complained about time and hassle in the past, the Kentucky State Fair says it is off to a much better start this year thanks to a revamped system.

Starting this year, the main gates are using a new, streamlined system, while cheaper options are available off-site.

With the changes, fair guests say that parking isn't considered a "pain in the you-know-what" anymore. "We just whizzed right through," said one fair guest. He even said he was able to park right up front.

Thanks to new hand held devices at the main gates, fair workers enter the admission and parking charges for each car, print a receipt, and send drivers to the booth to pay---or at gates 1 and 4, charge a credit card right there on the spot.

Fair officials say it is all about streamlining the process, and getting guests in without a back-up. "We're very excited to offer those conveniences to our patrons," said Amanda Storment of the fair board.

Those main lots will cost patrons $8 per day. If you aren't willing to cough up 8 bucks for front row parking, however, you aren't out of options.

New this year for weekend fair-goers is a $5 lot right across the street from gate 1. For Lori Dewboys, the three dollars saved will go towards a pork chop sandwich. "Anytime you can save a dollar, you should do it." Plus she says the new lot has its perks. "We're actually probably a little closer than the people in here."

But for some, free is the only way to go, even if it means having to park in the green lot at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium and hop on a shuttle.

Jessica Sapp was on her way to a concert at the fair, and she was more than excited to cash in on the free parking. "It was so easy to get over here. We didn't have to deal with any of the traffic or anything, so it was actually much easier than anything else." As a student at the University of Louisville, every dollar counts. "$8 is a meal for us--or two--as students that's a whole lot of money for us."

The $5 and free parking is only available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The fair runs through August 25th.

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