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POV: Don't Excuse the Lawbreaker (8/20/13)

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The story of Israel Hernandez is a sad one.

Earlier this month, Miami Beach police caught him spray-painting his graffiti "tag" on the side of a building and ordered him to stop.  Instead, Hernandez ran, leading the cops on an extended chase.  And when he was finally cornered, he rushed at the officers, who then subdued him with a Taser gun.

And a few minutes later, he died.

Many people are turning Hernandez' death into a crusade, claiming the police were guilty of improper use of force.  But the only person responsible for the death of Israel Hernandez, was…

Israel Hernandez.

Hernandez is the person who directed the entire play. 

First, he chose to engage in criminal vandalism.  His decision.

Then, when discovered in the act, he ran.  His decision.

When ordered to stop he kept running.  His decision.

Then, when finally caught, he resisted.  His decision. 

Once that chain of events was set into motion, everything that followed was his responsibility.

These officers were simply doing their jobs – serving and protecting the public by enforcing the law.  The outcome of their encounter with Hernandez was regrettable, but there was no way they could have anticipated it.

No one deserves to die for tagging a building. But it happened only because of the actions of one man:

Israel Hernandez.

Google the story then call and tell us if you agree.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my Point of View.

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