LOUISVILLE, Ky --- In the battle to earn "co-starters" status at running back for Louisville football, offensive coordinator Shawn Watson made it clear Wednesday that competition has been narrowed down to Dominique Brown, Senorise Perry, and...Michael Dyer.

"Yeah, it's real tight. You can put any of the three of them in there," said Watson after practice. "As we move through this week, we're coming up with our plan of how we're going to play those guys."

Running backs coach Kenny Carter said earlier this week there won't be just one starter at tailback, saying there would be "co-starters". 

Watson also said Wednesday Dyer has been a very quick study when it comes to learning the offense and is excited about the possibilities in power running formations.

"(Dyer)'s done really well. He's transitioned into our offense very smoothly. He's such a mature guy. He's here with a purpose." Watson remarked. "The amazing thing to me is that he had never run from the "I"-(formation) before...I'd put him in the "I" and let him run. He's dynamic back there."

That sounds like an offensive coordinator licking his chops because he has a fun new toy to play with on Saturdays.

"We don't have any concerns with (Dyer), because he's gotten up to speed. All the different looks we'll see week in and week out will actually really help him," explained Watson. "Every week the back has to, we kind of retrain the back a little bit, based on what we see in terms of protections. Run game, don't worry about it. He's going to be fine in the run game."

As quickly as Dyer has excelled in his comprehension, the same can be said about Senorise Perry's recovery from a torn ACL in November. He may have been held out of Saturday's full tackling scrimmage, but Watson said that was because Perry has shown more than enough at this point. He's healthy and in the "co-starter" mix.

"We had seen him in every situational aspect up to that (scrimmage)," said Watson. "We held him out of that one so that we can get more reps (for other running backs) and to give his knee a little down time, because we worked him pretty hard. He's passed all those scrimmage tests."

That leaves Corvin Lamb and Brandon Radcliff on the outside looking in, in terms of getting significant playing time in the backfield. Watson did say though Lamb has had a great camp and is the fastest of the five backs, albeit smaller is size.