ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) -- Moviegoers in Hardin County won't find the box office hit "the Butler" in local show times, as the owner of the area's only movie theaters bans the film.

Ike Boutwell, owner of the Movie Palace in Elizabethtown and Show time Cinemas in Radcliff, says he will not show the film in either of his theaters due to one of the film's stars, Jane Fonda. Boutwell cites Fonda's time spent with Vietnam troops in 1972. Fonda was famously pictured sitting on an anti-warcraft gun that likely killed some of Boutwell's students. The Korean War vet trained pilots during the Vietnam War.

"Jane Fonda in my opinion is a treasonist person," and so, her film will never touch the screen at either of Boutwell's Hardin County theaters. "Jane Fonda had a wonderful opportunity to show the world how horrible our prisoners were being treated, yet she decided to call them baby killers and support our enemy."

For young movie goers in Elizabethtown, it's a decision that's hard to understand. "I'm kind of bummed out actually, it seems like a great movie about history and what people were going through at that time period," said Brad Reed.

But Boutwell stands by his decision, and many stand behind him. In 2005 when he decided not to play Fonda's last big screen appearance "Monster-in-Law", he says only one out of the many emails, letters, and calls was a negative one.

And today, he says, the support hasn't faltered. He has already received several phone calls, and had some stop by to thank him in person. "As I came to work this morning, there was a pick up truck in front of this theater and an older guy got out with his Vietnam hat on. He wanted to know if I was Mr. Boutwell, he said he would be happy to help."

As for Fonda's portrayal of Nancy Reagan, Boutwell isn't proud of that either. "That is a slap in the face. For a treasonous person to play a patriotic person, it is just terrible."

Boutwell estimates he will lose $3,000 to $5,000 by not showing the film.

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