Aug. 27, 2013

The focus for much of the day in the David Camm trial was on one witness: Indiana State Police investigator Sam Sarkisian.

Sarkisian is a crime scene technician and former co-worker of Camm's. That relationship would come into play later during his testimony.

Sarkisian took many of the evidence photographs of the grisly crime scene that was the Camm garage. The prosecution showed jurors some of the graphic images of Kim Camm as she lay in a pool of blood outside the passenger door of the family's Ford Bronco; of 7-year-old Brad lying nearby and 5-year-old Jill who was slumped in the back seat.

Jurors also saw a photo of a mysterious bloody shoeprint which may come into play later in the trial.

Kim Camm's father, Frank Renn, has been in the courtroom while the graphic photos have been shown over the past two days. Later, Renn told reporters that he closes his eyes while the images are being displayed. He says he prefers to remember his daughter and grandchildren the way they were.

During cross-examination, defense attorney Richard Kammen raised questions about the collection and handling of the evidence, suggesting that the crime scene may have been tainted. That, of course, would cast doubt on any evidence that might point to Camm.

Sarkisian also testified about a phone call he received from Camm at the State Police post in Sellersburg on Oct. 1, less than two days after the murders. During the phone call, which was played for the jury, Camm tried to get information about the investigation, asking about evidence and witnesses. Camm even suggested that whoever killed his family may have been waiting for him.

At one point Sakisian tells Camm, "We're going to solve it." To which Camm replies, "I'm going to hold you to that."

Later Camm says, "Everybody knows I didn't do it. I don't want anybody thinking that."

Sarkisian tells Camm that he is going to be objective about everything and that he will not let his emotions get in the way.

Defense attorney Kammen got Sarkisian to admit that it's not unusual for crime victims and innocent people to call seeking information about their case. But, Sarkisian would testify that this phone call made him uncomfortable because he knew Camm would soon be arrested.

In fact, shortly after the call, Camm would indeed be charged with killing his family.

The trial is moving slowly. Special Prosecutor Stan Levco told reporters that he originally hoped he would have his case wrapped up by next Tuesday, Sept. 3. But he said that hope has vanished.

Attorneys for both sides, as well as Judge Jon Dartt, are being very careful and deliberate. This is Camm's third murder trial. No one wants to do this again.

Lawrence Smith is a reporter for WDRB News.