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Man who lost foot in accident finds inspiration and support to run

Man who lost foot in accident finds inspiration and support to run

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- We all get knocked down in life, but the people who get ahead are those who never look back.

Robbie Isabel, who channels all of his emotions into running, is one of those people. Five years ago, he had a hunting accident that changed everything.

"I had an accident with my shotgun and it went off and it took the foot pretty much right below the calf muscle," Isabel remembers.

Every day was a struggle, but Robbie had a decision to make.

"I could either lay back and do nothing or learn to fight through it."

And fight through it he did! Last year, Isabel ran the Louisville triple crown -- the 5k, 10k and the 10 miler. He lost 40 pounds training for the races.

"Once I lost the weight nothing seemed to fit right, it was just giving me hip pains back pains because it didn't fit right," Isabel said.

He needed a new prosthetic, but that comes with a major expense: $22,000. Insurance would not cover it because they say it's not medically necessary. Isabel had to come up with half the total cost. His doctor would write off the rest.

Swag's Sport Shoes helped raise most of the money. The local running community was inspired by Isabel's story.

"After going what he went through he still has the drive and determination to go out and do something and that's what I admire about him," says Swag's owner Swag Hartel.

Isabel has always run with a pair of shoes but he's ditching one and trading it in for a new prosthetic.

Prosthetic director Tim Nutgrass says, "You've seen it out in the Olympics and everything. It's just a pure running show. It's a running foot in itself."

We were there as Robbie tested out his new prosthetic for the first time.

"The big key is it fits this part of it fits specifically to my leg where this one I have to where all these socks and stuff with it," Isabel says.

Now he's got the perfect fit, and ready to hit the road running.

"It's exciting. I'm really looking forward to getting out there and putting some miles on it."

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