LEBANON, Ind. (WDRB) -- Prosecutors and the defense continued to question crime scene investigators during the fourth week of David Camm's third trial.  But jurors will never hear one sequence of questioning that happened out of their presence.

Camm is on trial for the murders of his wife Kim, and their two children, Jill and Brad.  The three were found in the garage of their Georgetown, Indiana home in September of 2000.

Tuesday, prosecutors and defense questioned evidence and DNA patterns found on a sweatshirt found beneath Bradley Camm.  That sweatshirt allegedly belonged to Camm's supposed accomplice, Charles Boney.

Attorneys also asked about blood and DNA patterns found on a t-shirt David Camm was wearing when he called police after he supposedly found his family dead in the garage of their home.

But one exchange will never be heard by the jury. After jurors left for lunch, attorneys continued to question Indiana State Police crime lab DNA analyst Lynn Scamahorn.  Camm attorney Stacy Uliana asked her about a letter of complaint she wrote to ISP about Stan Faith, prosecutor in the first Camm trial. 

Uliana said that in that letter, Scamahorn had complained about Faith, that during a break in her testimony in the first trial he called her into his office.  She said Saxhorn's letter said Faith threatened Scamahorn with her job and with an obstruction of justice charge if she did not testify that Camm's DNA was on the sweatshirt.

Scamahorn responded that Faith's threats did not affect her testimony.

Then Scamahorn was asked if Stan Faith was trying to get her to testify beyond what the science indicated.  That led to the following exchange:

Scamahorn: "Possibly, yeah."
Uliana: He did threaten your job?
Scamahorn: That is true.
Uliana: And he did threaten to charge you with a felony?
Scamahorn: That is true.

Uliana asked Judge Jonathan Dartt to allow this testimony into the trial, saying, "This shows tunnel vision at best, and some kind of misconduct" and "a win-at-all-cost mentality at worst."

Special Prosecutor Stan Levco responded, "I don't think it proves anything as to whether David Camm is guilty in this case."

Judge Dartt ruled that such testimony would not be included in the trial -- that the jury would never hear it.

After returning from lunch, prosecutors and defense attorneys had another discussion with Judge Dartt outside of the presence of the jury. Prosecutors wanted to introduce more evidence concerning the life insurance policies purchased not long before Kim, Jill and Brad were killed. Judge Jonathan Dartt ruled that he would limit the scope to how much the policies were worth.

The court has been arguing over whether or not to introduce more evidence regarding the life insurance policy for Kim and the children kids as evidence. They may or may not call Daniel Camm, David's brother, a Florida insurance agent, to the stand. They will allow details of the insurance, but not allow mention of infractions Daniel has made in the past to be included as evidence.

More witnesses expected to be called this week include Janice Renn, Kim Camm's mother, and Charles Boney.  Boney was convicted of murder and conspiracy in the case in 2006.

The prosecution could wrap up its case this week.


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