In the wake of the University of Kentucky's 35-26 season-opening football loss to Western Kentucky Saturday night, it seems a significant number of UK followers – and several sports columnists – have already given up on new coach Mark Stoops.  Not only that, but many of these fair weather fans are lamenting that the Cats didn't hire Western coach Bobby Petrino instead of Stoops when he was available last spring.

But this is nonsense.

Has everyone forgotten that this is, to a great extent, the same team that lost to Western last year on the way to a 2-10 season?  And has everyone forgotten all those Stoops recruits they were so excited about just a week ago?  They're still coming – but most of them have to finish high school first.

Meanwhile, have all of Bobby Petrino's past missteps been miraculously washed away by this single win?  When he was on the market last year, there were plenty of good reasons for UK not to hitch their wagon to his star, and those reasons still exist.

Plenty of UK's best coaches started their Wildcat careers with a disappointing loss. It's way too early to declare Stoops a failure, and anyone who's ready to do so in the first week of his first season is afflicted with a severe case of unrealistic expectations and selective memory.

But what do you think? Call and tell us.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my Point of View.