LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Hundreds of calls come into Metro Corrections everyday about inmates, but now that information is available online.

Metro Corrections Director Mark Bolton says, "If we were busy taking phone calls, that was time we were not utilizing for processing releases, for example. So, we look to benefit from faster releases, more efficient processing in terms of booking people in."

After a long holiday weekend, Metro Corrections say there are 1950 inmates in the jail. But now all of their mug shots, charges, bond information, and future court dates are available at your fingertips.

The public can search by name or inmate number. You can even find out who was booked or released today. But it's only for current inmates.

To access XJail, click here:

Bolton says, "There is a big emphasis on community re-entry and it's a decision that we made collectively....It's all about saving time for us, focusing on people who are currently in custody."

You may remember Bolton citing multiple issues with the internal XJail system shutting down in July that caused issues with bookings and times for inmate releases. The American Civil Liberties Union was monitoring the issue and even visited with Corrections officials, but says its inquiry is now closed after the problem was fixed quickly.

Amber Duke with the ACLU says, "The ACLU is really excited about what I would say is a new and strong relationship with the Metro Corrections Dept. As I said when we were public with our concerns about people being held unlawfully, it was Director Bolton who reached out to us first and has given ACLU an open door to Metro Corrections."

The $1.5 million dollar system was supposed to be made public at the end of July, but officials say they're glad they waited until now to unveil it.

Wesley Stover, a LMDC Data Systems Analyst says, "We moved this over to a more secure platform in a Metro Govt. server. In doing that, that caused a little bit of delay. We wanted to make sure that when it went out to the public we were correct on it, we were right on it, and it was more secure."

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