LOUISVILLE, Ky.  (WDRB) -- Three more highly-respected journalists are joining WDRB.

Former Courier-Journal reporter Chris Otts comes to the station from Kentuckiana Works, where he served as Workforce Communications Coordinator. And Jason Riley and Marcus Green are making the switch from print to electronic media.

The Louisville natives bring three decades of writing experience with The Courier-Journal to WDRB.

"I'm going to be covering a lot of the same things: courts and crime, police and jail. And I'm going to be doing a lot of the same stories plus I'm going to branch out and do some other things so I'm excited about that," Riley says.

Green says, "I had a great run at the Courier, and it was a fantastic 12 years. But sometimes you need new opportunities and this was an opportunity that presented itself. And I feel WDRB is headed in a positive direction and I want to be a part of that."

"WDRB is making a long-term commitment to high-quality, local journalism. I'm honored to have been thought of for this new reporting team and excited to be working again with Marcus Green and Jason Riley," says Otts.

At WDRB.com, the three will be also reunited with two other former C-J writers, Eric Crawford and Rick Bozich. When WDRB hired the sports columnists last year, it sparked a national trend of television stations hiring print journalists to bring their expertise to a blended media scene.

WDRB President and General Manager Bill Lamb says, "It's all about content. And that's why we're hiring these additional people, to ramp up the content and give people things they can't get anywhere else."

As the staff grows, so does the building. An expansion now underway will add 12,000 square feet to WDRB -- physical proof of what's happening at the television station.

"I think the whole media landscape is changing, and so what might have been taboo or out of bounds 10 years ago is no longer that. There's been a lot of convergence in this industry," says Green.

Riley says, "I'm sort of getting in on the ground floor of something, I feel. We're growing here, this is a new phase, a new chapter for me and I like being in the start of something that feels like it's really taking off."

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