LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB)---Nationwide, this year, statistics show that ambushes have been the leading cause of death for police officers.

The murder of Bardstown Police Officer Jason Ellis is included in that number.

On the FBI's website, you'll see that solving the murder of Officer Ellis is one of 10 listed on the site under 'Most Wanted' cases nationwide.

More than 3 months after he was ambushed and killed, authorities are still looking for answers.

"We have one detective and his sole responsibility here at Post 4 is working Officer Jason Ellis' death, working his murder. And, we have five or six other eyes looking at it all the time, so right now this is our biggest priority at Post 4," says Trooper Jeffrey Gregory with KSP Post 4.

While many police officers deaths are usually solved quickly, authorities say that doesn't always happen.

There's one case that Kentucky State Police has been investigating for 25 years.

Trooper Johnny Edrington was shot and killed in Laurel County in 1988.

This happened during a traffic stop.

To this day, the case remains unsolved, and Trooper Gregory says these two cases are similar.

"There's not a lot of hard physical evidence to go on at this point, and of course Trooper Edrington's murder has been 25 years, so I don't know that we'll ever get a lot of hard evidence to look at, but as far as Officer Ellis' murder, at this point we don't have a lot of hard, physical evidence to look at," says Trooper Gregory.

On Thursday, the wife of Officer Jason Ellis issued a statement to the community of Nelson County, saying this about Officer Ellis.

"It goes without saying how proud he would be of the community he worked so diligently to protect".

She went on to write… "The overwhelming support I have received from various churches, police departments, businesses, and individuals is astonishing".

While his family continues to hope for answers in this case, authorities say that's exactly what they are hoping for, and that it doesn't go unsolved.

"Anytime it involves other law enforcement personnel, it's kinda near and dear to your heart," says Trooper Gregory.

Authorities say they are still receiving information, but not as many tips as they did immediately after Officer Ellis' murder.

If you have information on either of the two cases we just told you about, give Kentucky State Police a call at (270) 766-5078 or email EllisCaseETips@ky.gov .

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