LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB)---Kosair Children's Hospital is a place in which Nicole Finley has become all too familiar.

All four of her kids have gone there with medical problems.

"Everything from fainting spells to croup, and Sheldon's current situation with multi-organ failure," says Nicole Broaden Finley.

6-year-old Sheldon has been in and out of the hospital since he was 5.

It's why Finley is concerned about recent news about the fight between Norton Healthcare, and the University of Louisville.

"There are kids with cancer, there are kids like my son who are recovering from multi-organ failure, who absolutely need these doctors," says Nicole Broaden Finley.

On Friday a lawsuit was filed by Norton Healthcare, which owns and operates Kosair Children's Hospital.

This comes after recent news that Norton announced it wanted to partner with UK Healthcare, and Kentucky Children's Hospital, out of Lexington.

The University of Louisville claimed Norton Healthcare was in violation of a 1981 lease agreement, that stipulates the land the hospital sits on must be used to benefit U of L.

The lawsuit says, "Norton brings this complaint because U of L has left it no other choice"... and that U of L threatened to deprive Norton "of its ownership of Kosair Children's Hospital".

U of L has fired back, releasing its own statement.

Friday morning, Dr. David Dunn said "We have no intention of evicting Norton, and sincerely hope to continue working with them for many years to come".

By afternoon, he said "repeated attempts to meet and negotiate have been rejected again and again by Norton's CEO".

While the two healthcare giants battle it out, there's no immediate impact on patients. However, parents like Nicole Finley are hoping for a quick resolution.

"If anything were to happen, the only stakeholders who are going to be harmed are the children. They are our future and we have to invest in them wisely. If we don't, our future's at risk," says Nicole Finley.

We did reach out to officials with Norton Healthcare, and they declined to comment on camera.

Officials with the University of Louisville canceled the interview we set for this afternoon.

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