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Indiana creator hopes to win national contest

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JEFFERSONVILLE, In. (WDRB) --Joe Clevinger's Jeffersonville cul-de-sac is a busy place. His girls are always on their bikes. They ride up and down the street, and make a lot of noise while they're doing it. The noise is a recent thing. A little while ago, Clevinger noticed his daughters were trying to make their bikes sound like motorcycles by lodging a pop bottle between the bike and back wheel.

"They were pedaling real hard. As soon as they were done, it would stop because it had a lot of resistance and drag. I thought there's got to be a better way to fix that," Clevinger explained.

He has a bit of an entrepreneurial background, so he got to brainstorming. He came up with the "Wheel Popper." It's a cut up pop bottle kept in place by brackets, wing nuts, and screws.

"I'm like, there he goes with one of his ideas," his girlfriend said.

But, this idea of Clevinger's gained some traction. In fact, it now even has the attention of retail giant, Walmart.

"I got an email from Walmart asking me if I'd be interested in taking part in this contest," Clevinger said.

The competition is called "Get on the shelf." People from across the country submitted their ideas in the hopes Walmart would then post them on its website. The winner ends up with their product on Walmart's shelves. Not only is the "Wheel Popper" on the site, Clevinger has already made it through the first round of voting. He's up against clever ideas like backpacks that light up in the dark, and a plastic face that teaches kids how to brush their teeth. Still, he has faith.

"If a man can put a strip of honey on a piece of paper, write a note on it, stick to the refrigerator for his wife, and make something out of it, I hope I can too," said Clevinger.

And who knows where a plastic bottle and pieces of metal just might land Clevinger and his family.

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