LEBANON, Ind. (WDRB) -- Jurors in the David Camm trial had questions for Charles Boney during his second day of testimony on Tuesday.  They wanted to know about the guns, what David Camm was wearing, and why he didn't call 911 at the crime scene.  Boney's response to that last question was that he was a coward and feared going back to prison.

Earlier, Charles Boney told reporters he had no comment as he was led into court early Tuesday for his second day on the witness stand in David Camm's third murder trial.

But just before Boney entered the building, someone asked him how often he thinks of Kim, Jill and Brad, the three people Camm is accused of killing.

"Every day," Boney replied. "I suspect it'll be always like that."

Once court proceedings began, the judge criticized Camm and Boney for their staring matches.  He said it must stop because it was making the jury uncomfortable.  Both sides agreed to comply.

The defense team on Tuesday continued to paint Boney as a liar, a convicted felon, and a man who has changed his story several times.

Boney is serving a 225-year-sentence in connection with the murders of David Camm's family in the garage of their home in Georgetown, Indiana on Sept. 28, 2000. Camm has been convicted twice, but both convictions were overturned.

Now Boney has taken center stage as the prosecution's star witness. On Monday, he admitted he was at the Camm home when Kim, Jill and Brad were killed, but says he was there to deliver a gun to Camm at his request.

Boney told the jury he first met David Camm while playing basketball at a park in July of 2000. He said the two had a chance encounter at a convenience store not long after that.

Boney testified that Camm was interested in his criminal background and asked if Boney could get him an untraceable handgun. He says he bought a .380 from an acquaintance for $75 and sold it to Camm for $250, delivering it in a sealed plastic bag.

"The very first weapon was delivered in a plastic, zip-lock-tied bag," Boney said. "It was well-oiled and ready to go."

Boney said Camm asked him to get a second gun, and that's why he drove to Camm's house on Sept. 28, 2000: to deliver the second gun. He told jurors he had wrapped that gun in a sweatshirt.

Boney told jurors he was waiting for Camm to pay him for the second gun when Kim and the children pulled into the garage in the family's Ford Bronco.

"I recall her looking at me, and she had a look on her face like, ‘Who's this guy?'" Boney said. He added that the look she gave him "wasn't a crazy look," but rather "a pleasant curiosity look."

That's when he said Kim got out of the Bronco and Camm confronted her. Boney says he heard arguing, followed by a popping sound. He heard two other pops and realized they were gunshots.

At that point, Boney testified that Camm pointed the gun at him and pulled the trigger, but it either jammed or was out of bullets. Boney says as he was running from Camm he tripped on Kim's shoes, then placed them on top of the Bronco.

"I don't honestly remember picking up the shoes," he said. "I'm not denying that was me. I did do that."

Boney told jurors he took off in his car as fast as he could.

Years later, in 2005, Boney was brought in for questioning after DNA from the sweatshirt linked him linked to the scene. He was convicted of three counts of murder and one count of complicity to murder in January of 2006 and sentenced to 225 years.

Camm's attorneys have been trying to pick Boney's story apart, pointing out he has changed his story several times.

Defense attorneys will continue cross-examining Boney on Tuesday, but Judge Jonathan Dartt has made it very clear that details of Boney's past crime, his history of attacking women and his foot fetish are off limits.

During Tuesday's proceedings, jurors had a chance to ask Boney why he didn't call police. Boney replied that he was "a coward."

As Boney left court, he said this isn't the last we'll see of him.

"I believe my trial will be next," Boney said.

The jury will next hear from an expert in high-velocity blood stain analysis.


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