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POV | No Time For War (9/10/13)

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America's invasion of Afghanistan following 9/11 was dubbed "Operation Enduring Freedom."  And the "enduring" part was right on the money.  About 63,000 of our troops are still there.

Then there was Iraq.  After President Bush declared "Mission Accomplished," over 36,000 more American troops were killed or wounded.

Now, President Obama is desperately trying to get Congress to support his plan to hit Syria with missiles in retaliation for its government's alleged poison gas attack on civilians – an action he and Secretary of State John Kerry insist would be "unbelievably small," and "definitely" would not lead to any troop invasion.

But I'm skeptical.          

Yes, innocent Syrians have died horrible deaths. But how did these deaths become so much more important than the many others that have occurred up to now in this conflict?

Yes, chemical warfare is outlawed by the Geneva Convention.  But a strike against Syria by America without UN approval would also violate international law.

It seems to me President Obama's ill-advised ultimatum blew up in his face, and he's now scrambling to save face.  And if he gets his way Syria could easily become the next hot spot where America's best and brightest are sent to die.

I'm not a dove, but I think we have to be much more careful in choosing our fights. 

Call and tell us what you think.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my Point of View.

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