Nationally renowned dog trainer Matthew Duffy releases a his second book titled "Dog Training and Eight Faces of Aggressive Behavior: A Master's Solution to Barkers, Growlers and Biters."

Duffy's new book provides a second tier of instruction to complement traditional family dog training, targeting specific problems related to aggression, regardless of breed or age.

Duffy has trained dogs as old as 14-16 years old with great success.  His first book "Ten Natural Steps to Training the Family Dog: Building a Positive Relationship" was published in 2011.  Based on 30 years of extensive training experience, Duffy's newest book addresses many of the misconceptions associated with canine aggression, including stereotypes of specific breeds and behaviors.

Pit bulls and German Shepherds are not the only aggressive breeds, for example.  An act of aggression can be as simple as barking at a ringing doorbell or as serious as attacking an intruder. If not addressed through training, a mild behavior issue can become a severe problems later on.  Aggression is a natural and universal characteristic of all dogs.

Duffy's book identifies the specific types of aggression, how to recognize aggressive behavior and the external triggers. Duffy combines multiple techniques to improve a dog's demeanor in just a few minutes.

You can find "Eight Faces" on Amazon, $19.95 in soft cover and $9.99 in Kindle edition.

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