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Camm prosecution's expert witness testifies on blood spatter

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LEBANON, Ind. (WDRB) -- Jurors in the David Camm case left the courtroom for more than an hour on Wednesday, as they went to a garage to view the Camm family Bronco. 

The garage was a block and a half away from the courthouse at the Lebanon Police Dept.  Authorities contend the Bronco is a key piece of evidence, and that Camm's wife, Kim, was shot just outside the passenger door, and his children Brad and Jill inside.

Prosecution blood spatter expert Rod Englert claims it also contains spatter from both Kim and Brad Camm. 

Earlier, Englert testified as the jury was shown gruesome crime scene photos of the bodies of Kim and Brad Camm lying outside the Bronco where they were found.

Englert testified that he identified what he believes to be high-velocity impact spatter on the front of David Camm's t-shirt in the hem area. 

That kind of spatter is considered blowout from a gunshot wound.  Englert said there were drops of blood less than a millimeter in size that he said can only appear on a person who is within three to four feet of a victim as they are being shot.

Englert said there are a handful of blood dots on Camm's shirt that are high-velocity spatter from Jill.  He also asserts that Kim and Brad's bodies were moved.  He also claims that blood stains on Camm's shoe indicate he was close to the victims at the time of the shootings. 

But defense attorney Richard Kammen said that Englert's assertion ignored Charles Boney's palm print on the Bronco. Englert admitted he did not factor that into his analysis. Camm then looked at his attorney and nodded.

The defense team has also called Englert's testimony "junk science" and says his demonstrations lack a scientific foundation.


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