SALEM, Ind. (WDRB) -- The Salem, Indiana man charged with beating his girlfriend's baby to death made his first court appearance Wednesday. This as court documents reveal disturbing details of the child's death.

The judge entered a not guilty plea on Jamie J. Lykins behalf, as he kept his head low and remained largely silent. As he entered Washington County Circuit Court Wednesday, WDRB asked the 24-year-old if he ever hurt the infant. He said nothing, but shook his head "no".

Court documents paint a different picture, however, as police said 24-year-old Lykins told the babysitter - who arrived after the incident - "We have a problem. I beat the ___ out of baby LeeLee."

Police said Lykins and Crane expressed concern about calling for help fearing police and CPS would get involved. It wasn't until friends got involved that the baby was taken to the hospital. Friends told police they gave the couple and the baby a ride to Salem St. Vincent Hospital. The baby was then transported to Kosair Children's Hospital where he later died.

The couple told hospital staff the baby had fallen off the bed at Lykin's home. Police say medical personnel did not believe the injuries to be consistent with a fall, and called authorities.

"This is not a mistake, this is deliberate, and there is no excuse for it," said Lykin's landlord and neighbor Matt Marion. Lykins shared the house with his dad, the live-in girlfriend Casey Crain, and her baby. Marion said he isn't shocked, but shaken. He noticed bruises on the baby, but he said abuse was his last conclusion. "I noticed a couple bruises on the legs and arm, but at eight months old I didn't give it much thought because the baby is going to be crawling at that age, on their knees and bumbling around."

Police say Lykins and Crain gave different accounts of what happened Saturday night when the baby was found unresponsive. The mother told police that the child was crying so an angry Lykins took him into the bedroom. When she tried to intervene, he told her, he would "take care of the matter".

Meanwhile, Lykins told police that he put his girlfriend's son down to sleep and began watching T.V. in the other room when they heard the baby fall off the bed.

Lykins is currently charged with battery resulting in death, and neglect of a dependent. Lykins also was charged earlier this year for possession of controlled substances.

Lykins will be back in court on November 14 for a pre-trial hearing. His trial is set to start in April, but he did hint to the judge that he would be requesting a speedy trial.

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