BARDSTOWN, Ky. (WDRB)--Bardstown Police say an elderly man may have paid as much as $25-thousand dollars to have his driveway paved.

Now the person who did the work is now facing felony charges.  The suspect is 30-year-old William Scott Bartley. Here's why he is in trouble with the law. Bardstown police say the alleged victim is an Alzheimer's patient and Bartley continued to bill him over the span of two years for the same job. Police say there's one word to describe Bartley's actions.

"It's sick," says Detective Lynn Davis, with Bardstown police.

Police say in October of 2011, Bartley approached the elderly Alzheimer's patient about doing some work.

Detective Davis says, "He had stopped in to ask about doing yard or driveway work and they actually had some legitimate driveway work for him to do at that time."

Police say Bartley repaved the driveway but took advantage of the man's condition.  "The suspect would try to lure the victim away from the family or follow him away from the family and catch him in town. The victim just didn't remember if he paid or not and wanted to do the right thing and take care of his bill," says Davis.

Family members contacted Bardstown Police this week after the 78 year old homeowner allegedly wrote Bartley a check for $460.  They suspect it has been going on for two years.

Davis says, "Family members are going through their banking and financial statement and it appears to be around $2500 missing."

Bartley was arrested this week and later released on bond. Here is his defense:  "The only thing that he would admit is that they were just loans," says Davis.

Right now Bartley is charged with theft by deception and abuse of an adult.  They are both felonies; police suspect he had help.

Davis says, "We're waiting on some banking records to come through but I suspect there's going to be two more arrests in this."

And police say even more disturbing than the crime is the fact that Bartley is already back out here on the streets.

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