LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – The scoreboard is as one-sided as I can ever remember: 13 voices, 13 predictions that the University of Louisville will march into Commonwealth Stadium and defeat the University of Kentucky Saturday.

Time for the roll call:

Pat Forde, Yahoo! Sports: Louisville 38, Kentucky 28. Too much Teddy, but the Cats won't roll over and submit meekly.

John Clay, Lexington Herald-Leader: Louisville 28, Kentucky 20. Teddy Ballgame is the difference in the end.

Ira Combs, Mountain Sports Review Talk Show: Louisville 38, Kentucky 24. Before the season started I thought this could be the makings of a very entertaining game.

However after watching both teams play twice I've adjusted my thoughts ... UK is much better offensively than last year but still searching defensively.

Louisville is simply better than last year in every phase of the game ... I think the Florida win convinced the Cards they belong in college football's elite.

It being in Commonwealth Stadium I'll give the Cats a little love.

Jason Anderson, ESPN680: Louisville 42, Kentucky 20. Offensively I don't expect many teams to be able to slow down Louisville and that includes this Kentucky team. This early in Mark Stoops' tenure, WKU proved to be a problem so the Cards should be more of a problem. I do think UK will be able to score some points, but not enough to keep pace with Louisville's offense. 

Andy Sweeney, ESPN 680: Louisville 41, Kentucky 17. Despite UK looking competent under new head coach Mark Stoops, the gap between Louisville and this year's Wildcats' team is substantial. The Cards will attack a weak Kentucky secondary and will find rhythm in the running game. Teddy Bridgewater will continue his 2013 streak of 350 plus yards per game.

Lachlan McLean, SportsTalk84: Louisville 40, Kentucky 20. U of L's strength (QB & WR) is poised to exploit UK's weakness (secondary). UK defensive line MUST have great game for Cats to have a chance.

Jody Demling, CardinalAuthority: Louisville 42, Kentucky 14. I just can't see how Kentucky can slow all the Louisville weapons.

Russ Brown, Louisville SportsReport: Louisville 49, Kentucky 14. With his buddy Joker (Phillips) gone, and Cards needing a decisive win, Strong won't take it easy on Cats.

Tom Lane, WDRB Sports: Louisville 38-20.  Cats keep it close for a while but Cards wear them down with too many weapons.

Steve Andress, WDRB Sports: Louisville 41, Kentucky 17. Teddy Bridgewater wears red, not blue. That's enough reason for me. 

John Lewis, WDRB Sports: Louisville 38, Kentucky 27. Kentucky's 2-pronged quarterback attack will be effective, but  U of L's passing offense will be the key to the win.

Eric Crawford, WDRB Sports: Louisville 41, Kentucky 24. If I'm Kentucky and I hold Louisville to 31 I feel good about my chances of doing something. But I don't think that's going to happen. Louisville has never started the season with three straight 40-point games before.

Rick Bozich, WDRB Sports: Louisville 31, Kentucky 17. Cards will work on improving their running game, and they'd better. Michael Dyer, Michael Dyer and Michael Dyer will be a major part of the RX.

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