LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Crews went back out on the scene Friday of a nearly tragic accident involving a 15-foot hole and a two-year-old girl in west Louisville.

Russell Lee Park has been shut down indefinitely.  MSD crews are repairing the 15-foot well that nearly swallowed two people Thursday night.

The brick-lined well was right in the middle of the field.  Thursday night, a Little League football team was practicing there when the two-year-old fell inside.

One of the coaches immediately went in to help the child, but both eventually had to be taken out of the hole by Louisville Fire and Rescue.

Coach Anthony Bradley tells WDRB News, "She just came, being a kid, running through the field and ran in between the cones and she fell into the hole."

That's when the coaches put their heads together and came up with a game plan to save the girl.  Bradley explains, "That was just an act of 'Somebody needs to go who's going?'"

That somebody was head coach Terrance Washington, who kept the girl calm until help arrived.  A short time later, crews pulled the girl to safety.

Witnesses say the little girl was excited to see the fire trucks, and that the coach blew his whistle on the way to the ambulance.

Marty Storch of the Metro Parks Department said, "The first thing we're looking at is public safety, and that's why we turned the lights on last night.  It's why we had the police stay here, that's why we put the caution tape up."

Storch continued, "We have found probably at this point and time a dozen of what I'm going to call depressions....We have found at least one other hole that is very similar to this with the brick side in it."

It's all in the middle of a field where dozens of children practice and play every day.  In fact, coaches say they practice around the holes.

Coach Adrean Harris says, "We cover 'em up every day through practice."

Some of the coaches say they've reached out to the city for help.  Harris says, "I know it has been here since last year and we've been asking for them to cover it up, and we haven't gotten no response yet."

But Storch says, "We have no record of that at this point and time....We're searching our Metro Call records, just as MSD is and looking at...nothing had crossed my desk."

WDRB's Stephan Johnson spoke to Coach Washington by phone, and Washington says he was just released from the hospital and was going to check on his new friend.


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