LOUISVILLE, Ky.(WDRB) -- Lynn's Paradise Cafe could remain the way it was before it closed but with a new owner.

So says owner Lynn Winter who spoke with WDRB News on Tuesday.

Lynn's abruptly closed this past January but the restaurant looks the same if not better than the day it closed.

It has been spruced up as Winter continues to look for a buyer.

"We are selling the brand, we are selling Lynn's, Lynn's Paradise Cafe," she says.

Winter tells us she wants to sell the restaurant to someone who will pretty much keep it the way it is with its unusual decorations, even likely keeping the Lynn's name.

"It is not just a restaurant, it's more like an icon," says Winter, "it has all of these quirky things that make it a unique sale, that make it not difficult to sell, just more complex."

Winter says because its such a complex sale she recently hired a broker to help find the right buyer.

"We want to keep the brand going and keep Lynn's here," says broker Ken Kapp of the Allston Group, I think it is a commitment to the community from Lynn."

Winter says she could possibly keep a minority financial interest in the restaurant but not a controlling one.

I'll probably work with the new owners, most likely in some manner or fashion and hopefully that fashion will be to get really wild," she says.

The restaurant closed earlier this year after some workers complained about a new tip policy that had been put in place.

No one is certain when the restaurant might be sold and reopened.

Adds Winter, "people want us back open, I need to get it back open, I just have to have it in the right hands so they don't do the wrong thing, that is the most important thing."

Winter has had a series of health problems. She says she is currently recovering from a case of shingles and several years ago had to recover from a pair of heart attacks.

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