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David Camm trial enters new phase as defense prepares to make case

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- David Camm's third murder trial will enter a new phase next week as the defense gets ready to make its case.

We're learning who could take the stand, and we're taking a look at what the jury has seen so far as they weigh whether the accused gunned down his wife and two children.

Prosecutors rested their case after four weeks of testimony centering around blood spatter evidence. They maintain Camm shot his wife Kim, and children, Jill and Brad, in the family garage in 2000, and say the proof is in Camm's t-shirt. A forensic expert testified that microscopic stains on the shirt were consistent with blood spatter from his daughter being shot, and place Camm at the scene.

"I'm not really concerned the jury will be overwhelmed," said Special Prosecutor Stan Levco. "They get plenty of time to digest it, and I think this is a really intelligent jury. Ultimately I think they'll be able to understand the evidence."

Its evidence the defense hopes to refute.

"We'll start out chronologically and talk to the people who were with Dave -- who were playing basketball with him when his family was murdered," said defense attorney Stacy Uliana.

In Camm's previous two trials, his attorneys claimed he was playing basketball at the time of the murders and that the blood got there when he leaned over Jill to try to pull Brad from the vehicle to resuscitate him. Both those convictions were thrown out on appeal.

Jurors in this case heard from Charles Boney - the man already convicted in the killings. He's had conflicting stories over the years but testified he was delivering a gun to Camm the night of the murders. He told jurors he was there when the victims got home and heard Camm shoot them. He testified Camm then pulled a gun on him but that it failed to fire.

"The whole story has not come out - but most of it has," Uliana said. "They saw Charles Boney, they heard his stories changing every two minutes - heard a little bit about his past - I think they've heard enough."

Uliana says she's still not sure whether she'll call Boney back to the stand and isn't yet sure whether we'll hear from Camm either.

"I'm satisfied we put on the case that we had and satisfied with the way it went," Levco said.

"I'm relieved a little now its our turn to talk and I'm pretty confident in what we have to say," Uliana said.

The trial is in recess until next Tuesday when the defense is expected to start calling witnesses.
Camm's attorneys are expected to take three weeks to present their case.

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