DANVILLE, Ky.  (WDRB)--Police in Danville, Kentucky believe they know more about the suspect in a triple murder at a local jewelry store.

Detectives are now saying the suspect who shot three people inside ABC Gold, Games and More left the scene in a van.

Chief Tony Gray also says, "The suspect is armed and dangerous."

That is the most disturbing description of the suspect but not the only one.

"We still believe he is a white male, 40 to 50 years old, we think he has a dirty gray, dingy beard possibly yellow," says Chief Gray.  "Over the weekend and through the day, we have been interviewing witnesses

After talking to witnesses, Danville Police say they were able to get a description of the car the suspect may have been driving.

Chief Gray says, "About the only thing we know about this vehicle or suspected vehicle is that it is a gray or silver van.  We believe the van may have been parked in the ally that leads to the drive through of Rainbow Cleaners."

The suspect shot and killed the co-owners of the store, Michael and Angela Hockensmith and a business associate--Daniel Smith.

"We know that Mr. Smith had a regular schedule and that ABC was one of the frequent stops that he regularly visited," says Gray.

And there's more, police don't know what if anything was stolen from the store, but don't believe the suspect left empty handed.

"Money that we believe that Mr. Smith should have had on his person or in his possession has not been found so we are assuming that it was stolen in the incident," Gray says.

The couple's 9 year old child was inside the store along with their 18 month old...and made the 911 call.  Police believe he also may have seen the suspect.

Gray says, "The 9 year old did...is apart of some of the witnesses we are talking to."

Outside the store, people have left notes and other mementos in honor of the victims, but police are hoping someone in Danville can help them find the dangerous suspect.

"He has killed three people," says Gray.

Services for the victims is scheduled to be held on Tuesday.  Meanwhile, the ATF is offering a 10-thousand dollar reward in the case.


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