LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Defense attorneys have begun presenting their case in David Camm's third murder trial.  It has been calling witnesses to try and prove Camm was at a gym playing basketball at the time of the crime.

The defense called Sam Lockhart, David Camm's uncle, to the stand Tuesday afternoon.  He shared emotional testimony before jurors, claiming he was playing basketball with Camm when the murders happened.

Lockhart said he was on the phone with his brother, Nelson, when he heard screaming and banging on the phone.  Nelson said to come to David Camm's house.  "I went as fast as I could," Lockhart said.  "I was cutting in and out of traffic" on I-64."  He broke down on the stand has he continued: "I go up toward the garage...and I see Bradley and I see Kim."  Then he said, "I'll get through this -- hold on just a second."

Lockhart continued, saying David Camm "screamed this loud, primal, howling scream...he went down on the asphalt" and was kicking."

He also recalled telling the Renn family about murders. "It was bad," he said, and told the court that Frank Renn, the father of Kim Camm, collapsed.

Lockhart maintains that the prosecution timeline of the murders changed numerous times in David Camm's first trial, "from after the game, to before the game, to the middle of the game."

The rest of this week, the defense plans to call more people to the stand who say they were playing basketball with Camm that night.

Earlier, the defense's first witness was Robert Stites, a former forensic consultant who photographed and took notes at the scene in 2000.  Stites testified in the first two trials as a witness for the prosecution.

The defense claims Stites was not a qualified blood stain spatter expert and made several mistakes while at the scene.

Prosecutors rested their case last week after four weeks of testimony centering around blood spatter evidence. They maintain Camm shot his wife Kim and children Jill and Brad in the family garage in 2000. 

The defense plans to make its case for three weeks.


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