LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A precious moment was caught on camera Tuesday as an Owenton, Ky., soldier met his daughter for the first time after being deployed overseas.

"I didn't even know he landed. He just walked through the door," said Jennafer Eves, recalling the moments before her husband walked through the hallway at Louisville International Airport.

"How are you doing, baby?" Specialist Jimmy Eves said as he kissed his little girl for the very first time.

While mom and dad did not cry, two-month-old Chloe Elizabeth had a few tears when she got to meet her daddy for the very first time.

"Kind of, when I saw him walk through, I was kind of like, I know I will probably be water works later, but it is kind of all sinking in that he is finally home," Jennafer Eves said.

Mom made sure little Chloe was dressed for the special occasion, adorned with a red, white and blue floral headband, a onesie with a special message and a red, white and blue tulle tutu.

"The onesie says I have waited my whole life to meet my daddy," Eves said. "The tutu, I just thought the whole outfit was really appropriate, just wanted to show support."

Jimmy Eves has been serving in Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan, missing precious moments along the way.

"He didn't make any doctor's appointments, he missed the birth obviously," Jennafer Eves said. "It was a pretty long nine, ten months. It's been difficult, but I have had amazing family and friends to help me get through the pregnancy."

Jimmy Eves said the homecoming made up for nine months of patiently waiting.

"I am just so overwhelmed," he said as he and caressed his daughter's face.

"Obviously, he cannot stop staring at her," his wife said.

The couple says they have even more to celebrate later this week, with an upcoming anniversary.  

"It will be a year this week," said Jennafer with a big smile.

"It's September 26th," said Specialist Eves.

The two met through mutual friends who were both there for his homecoming.  Jennafer Eves said she was incredibly glad to have him there, and she knew she was in shock for the time being.

"I am just really happy he is home and safe and she gets to meet her dad and have her dad around now," she said.

Jimmy Eves said he is just looking forward to celebrating those little moments that make a big difference.

"Just being able to spend time with her, just being able to spend time with her every day before I have to start going back to work every day... that's about it," he said.  

Jennafer Eves said her experience allowed her to appreciate what other people may take for granted.

"Those are just the little things that normal people don't think anything of," she said. "But when you don't have the person here with you, it's really difficult."

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