LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A fight at New Albany High School was caught on video and is being shared all over social media.

With dozens of students watching hit after hit, the fight between two girls eventually moved to the floor before it was broken up by a school official.

Students have been commenting on Facebook calling the girls derogatory names, thinking the fight was funny.

Sheryl Boddie with Marketing Media Management calls the fight, "Clearly bullying because what the intention was, probably.  I'm guessing because this is what I've seen, kids will take that video and post it up and share it around and it's intended to bully the other person."

Boddie teaches social media classes and even helps people repair their reputations online. She says, "This is what the kids are doing and they are orchestrating it quite clearly. You can see a full three minutes where someone knows it's going to happen and they're trying to find their 15 minutes of fame by putting out the sensationalism of it."

Bill Briscoe, the Assistant Superintendent of New Albany Floyd County Schools refused an on-camera interview, saying this isn't a news story.

He does tell WDRB News that this fight was stopped quickly and administrators handled the situation appropriately. He says any kind of allegations of bullying are investigated and he says in any fight, the consequences could be suspension, expulsion, or other types of discipline.

This fight continues to be shared and talked about online -- even a student involved is posting it to her Facebook page.

Boddie says,  "Now this will be there forever. She could remove it, but it will be there forever in shadow. When she goes to get a job, they are going to find this and they're going to ask her about it."

Boddie reminds parents to watch what their kids are doing on social media. She says parents should get their children's passwords and police their pages.

She says, "Somewhere along the line kids have gotten the message that creating a video that goes viral is a good thing and it doesn't matter if it's for a negative purpose so they'll put anything online."

The mother of the girl seen on the right side of the video tells WDRB News, her daughter has been bullied all school year and was suspended for a week for defending herself. She says the other girl was also suspended.

The NAFC School Corporation says cell phones can be used for educational purposes, but of course in this case, it was against policy.

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