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Basketball, blood spatter, womanizing among topics at Camm trial

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The topics during David Camm's third murder trial went from basketball to womanizing to blood spatter on Thursday. 

Jeff Lockhart says he's the one that organized a basketball game on Sept 28, 2000.  He says David Camm was at the Georgetown Community Church's Family Life Center playing basketball from seven that night until at least 9:20.

Prosecutors pointed out that Lockhart may not have noticed if Camm left and came back at some point -- but Lockhart said he's certain Camm was in the gym the entire time.

Lockhart finished his testimony and left the courtroom in tears.

Defense forensic expert Barrie Goetz testified about blood stains found on David Camm's shoes.  Previously, prosecutors said the stain on the side of Camm's shoe was "projected stain" splashed onto it when Kim's body fell to the ground.

Goetz testified that the stain on the side of the shoe was likely caused by a bloody shoelace hitting the side of the shoe when Camm was running.  Goetz says the appearance and shape of the stain are not consistent with a projected stain.  He also said you have to look at the stains around it.

Goetz said a bloody half-shoeprint found in the garage likely was caused when Camm laid Bradley's body on the ground to perform CPR.  He said Camm likely stepped in Kim's bloody white pants lying on the ground before placing Bradley on the floor, causing the shoe print.

Goetz says he used real human blood in his re-creations, from a willing donor who had his wife, who is a nurse, take his own blood.

Earlier, the defense team said Kim Camm's father Frank Renn was allowed back into the courtroom at the express request of defendant David Camm.  Previously, Renn had been barred from the courtroom because of a separation of witness order, since he may be called later as a rebuttal witness.

The defense is trying to prove that Camm was playing basketball the night his wife Kim and children Brad and Jill were shot to death.

Camm entered the courthouse just before nine Thursday morning.  Not long afterward, a short recess was called after brief arguments that took place outside the jury's presence. 

The discussion was about the next defense witness -- Jeff Lockhart, a relative of Camm's.  At issue was Scott Schrank's testimony that he had a tense phone call with Lockhart over a statement he gave police a few days after the murders.

Schrank is one of many witnesses heard so far that testified to have been playing basketball with David Camm the night of Sept. 28, 2000. 

Schrank testified that a few days after the murders, he and Jeff Lockhart had a phone conversation in which Lockhart told him he'd better be careful what he was telling police.

Schrank is said to have told police he'd heard David Camm was a womanizer and that's why Lockhart and Schrank exchanged words.

After that discussion, the jury was taken into the courtroom, where they heard from a forensic consultant about blood spatter.

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