LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- In a police monitored phone call in July with a student he is accused of having sex with, a Jefferson County Public School teacher told the teen to "let me know ahead of time" if she planned on talking with anybody about their relationship.

When the alleged victim asked why, Scott Quisenberry told her "I'd rather not be hauled away from my school in handcuffs, ok?" according to an audio of the phone interview included in court records in Quisenberry's rape case. "Wouldn't you want to know if you were in my position or would you want to be surprised?"

And, as the teen continued asking the Kerrick Elementary School teacher questions about what she was to tell people about what happened, he asked the now 17-year-old not to say anything.

"I used to be able to count on you to watch out for me," Quisenberry told her toward the end of the phone conversation "From what you're saying now, I can't."

While Quisenberry never admitted during the call that he had sex with the juvenile, allegedly from the time she was 13 to age 15, he did apologize repeatedly that she was upset.

"I'm sorry that my feelings for you hurt you," he said during the July 24 phone call, which police set up. "I try to stay away from thinking about it because it makes me cry. I know it's hard for you. I'm sorry. I had this stupid dream that it would go on forever, I never let go of it. I don't know if I can ever explain how much you meant to me."

At one point, Quisenberry told the teen, "I feel like in the long run we were good for each other. Do you think I was bad for you?"

Prosecutors have said the charges involve a student Quisenberry met while teaching at Bullitt Lick Middle School in Bullitt County, from which he resigned in January 2011 after in inquiry into his instructional capacity. He was hired at Kerrick Elementary School in October 2011.

JCPS placed him on non-instructional leave last month from his job at Kerrick Elementary, where he teaches second grade.

He also worked at Meyzeek Middle School from 2003-2005.

Quisenberry has pleaded not guilty to charges of second- and third-degree rape in Jefferson County. He is also facing a third-degree rape charge in Nelson County, where he is accused of having sex with a juvenile under the age of 16 in 2010.

The teen in the Jefferson County case told police she and Quisenberry also had sex at her home in Bardstown. Quisenberry taught with the alleged victim's mother.

Assistant Jefferson Commonwealth's Attorney Alicia Gomez has offered Quisenberry a plea deal that calls for him to be sentenced to seven years in prison with no probation. Quisenberry's attorneys did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment.

The alleged victim, who is not being identified by WDRB, came forward with her mother to talk to police in July, saying she was friends with Quisenberry's daughter and he "sexually abused" her from the time she was 13 until 15.

The teen told authorities Quisenberry, who was her science teacher when she was in 6th grade, first told her he wanted to "show me something" and took her somewhere in Bullitt County, where he kissed her, according to a summary of her interview in court records.

She said she often spent the night at Quisenberry's Louisville home to be with her friend and he recommended she sleep on the couch, rather than his daughter's room. She said he began to have sex with her about once a month and she never told anybody because she "didn't understand at first" and grew up "naïve and sheltered," according to the records.

The sexual abuse stopped when the teen's family moved, but they texted each other until June, but her mother found out, read the messages and spoke with her priest, who contacted police.

The evidence released in the case includes pictures of Quisenberry with the teen and texts between the two. The pictures do not show Quisenberry and the alleged victim having sexual relations or in an otherwise inappropriate context.

Bullitt County school officials investigated Quisenberry in 2010 after three staff members at Bullitt Lick Middle School reported an "odd relationship" between Quisenberry and a student, including "affectionately" running his hand down her back, according to court records.

 Quisenberry told school officials that the student was "like my daughter" but said he had been "naïve" and would have no physical contact with her.

According to court records, a  Bullitt County schools social worker "emphasized setting boundaries at school" and explained the student "may see things differently when she is older. May also get angry with him down the road. He does not want to set himself to be damaged professionally."

The Aug. 20, 2010, conclusion found that while Quisenberry admitted not having a "normal teacher-student relationship" with the girl, his wife and the juvenile's mother were aware of the interaction. The social worker recommended Quisenberry treat the student the same as every other student and he "agreed to not have physical contact with (her) while working."

Bullitt County Schools Attorney Eric Farris has said the school system did "everything we could at the time" to find out if there were any problems.

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