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Banks offer help to those affected by shutdown

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FORT KNOX, Ky. (WDRB)--The government shutdown has stopped the cash flow for thousands of people across Kentuckiana.  As a result, some banks and credit unions are coming to the rescue of government employees affected by the shutdown.

But, people affected by the shutdown would rather just go back to work.

"We elected these people to do the right thing.  Well, obviously they're not. They don't seem to give a rat's butt about anybody but themselves," said Elizabeth Edwards, who is a federal employee.

If Edwards sounds angry, upset or emotional, it's because she is.  "We came to work on Tuesday, we were there for two hours.  We had to sign our furlough letter and we were sent home," said Edwards.

Edwards works at Human Resource Command on Ft. Knox and is not being paid during the government shutdown.  She said, "In two weeks, my next payday, I'm going to be missing four days of pay. that's a lot of money out of one check."

The shutdown affects about 800,000 federal employees.  That's enough to fill Papa John's Cardinal Stadium 14 1/2 times.

"So we're looking at the situations from... how can we best help our members," said Michael Bateman, Vice President of Marketing with Ft. Knox Federal Credit Union.  "And to this point a little over 200 of our members have taken advantage of it."

The credit union is offering special loans to customers affected by the shutdown.

Bateman said, "We're offering a one month, interest free line of credit loan to help members who may miss a paycheck because of the government shutdown."

The credit union president's open letter to affected employees is on the front page of The Gold Standard newspaper in Fort Knox.

"I have a mortgage, I have car payments,"  said Edwards.  She hopes it's a sign that an end is near -- or she may have to take her credit union up on its offer.

"I'm hoping I won't have to but at this point, I don't know what other choice I will have."

That's because despite the shutdown, the bills won't stop coming to her mailbox.

"Because I can't get paid there are going to be somethings that might not get paid," Edwards said.

And the Ft. Knox Federal Credit Union is not the only bank trying to help.  USAA is also offering no-interest loans to military members who have a delay in pay.

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