LEBANON, Ind. (WDRB) -- Testimony in David Camm's third murder trial revealed on Wednesday that the lab that provided new DNA evidence in the Camm case produced wrong answers on a DNA proficiency test last year.

As David Camm was being taken into the Boone County Courthouse on Wednesday, WDRB's Gilbert Corsey asked him, "David, what effect do you think the touch DNA will have on the jury?"

Camm didn't respond to that question, though it stood at the heart of the prosecutor's plan for the day.

When Richard Eikelenboom with Independent Forensic Services returned to the witness stand for cross examination Wednesday, testimony revealed his Colorado lab was not accredited in the United States and his Netherlands facility had produced wrong answers on part of a DNA proficiency test in the Netherlands.

Eikelenboom blamed the manufacturing on a new DNA test kit.

Prosecutor Stan Levco said, "There is no question DNA can be a valuable tool. I'm just questioning the application of it in this particular case."

It's important because Eikelenboom says his touch DNA test results showed profiles consistent with Charles Boney on the clothing worn by Kim and Jill Camm on the night of their September 2000 murder. Boney testified he did not touch Kim Camm.

Defense attorney Stacy Uliana said, "He lied about what he did at the scene. And what the science says he did was attack Dave's family. So now what's the state's theory -- that Dave sat by and let Boney attack his family and then said, 'Scoot over and let me shoot them?'  At some point it just becomes ridiculous."

Prosecutors are trying to use the prior problem test results to damage the credibility of the defense's star witness. The touch DNA is not changing what Kim Camm's parents believe -- that Boney and David Camm worked together to kill Kim, Brad, and Jill Camm.

Frank Renn, Kim Camm's father said Wednesday, "Boney has told a lot of stories, but so has David. So you kind of put both together."

David Camm's prior two convictions for killing his family have been overturned. The defense is hoping the jury will believe the new touch DNA, which conflicts with Boney's testimony and that they will ultimately free Camm.

Stacy Uliana, defense attorney, said, "The jury knows the impact. Boney is a liar and we have scientific proof he's a liar. He attacked Kim and he attacked Jill and it's the science telling them that. So how can the jury act other than be floored."


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