HILLVIEW, Ky. (WDRB) -- Indicted Hillview police chief Glenn Caple will remain on duty, with full police powers, unless Mayor James Eadens takes any action otherwise.

The city council took no action on Caple's job status after an executive session for personnel matters on Wednesday.  City attorney Mark Edison said any decision on the chief's job status rests solely with the mayor. 

WDRB News asked Eadens if Hillview residents can be guaranteed their trust in the police department with Caple working while under an indictment that mentions them mayor's property.

"I think you can trust him 100 percent," Eadens said, before he deferred all other comment to Edison and closed an office door.

A federal grand jury in Louisville indicted Caple last week.  He's accused of lying to the FBI about ordering officers to move a mobile meth lab from the mayor's property.

City attorney Edison said it's proper for Caple to stay on duty until the federal case is resolved.
He called the case "Mickey Mouse," and compared Caple to Louisville Metro Police officers placed on administrative leave with pay in certain legal or disciplinary situations.  Those officers are still employed pending resolution of their cases, so Caple should be, too.  One difference is that Louisville officers often have their police powers reduced or revoked in the interim. 

"An indictment is not proof of anything," Edison said.

He asked people not to rush to judgment.

Last week, his attorney said the indictment stemmed from an allegation made by a disgruntled police officer.  T. Clay added that Caple "had no intent to conceal anything," and did not tell officers to move the meth lab from the yard.

The mayor is not charged. Caple awaits further hearings in federal court.

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