LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville Metro Police say a Louisville man has admitted to breaking into over 100 vehicles in LMPD's 8th Division.

The 8th Division includes neighborhoods in east Louisville, such as Barbourmeade, Bellemeade, Briarwood, Douglass Hills, Glenview, Goose Creek, Hurstbourne, Lyndon, Middletown, Rolling Hills, Westwood, Wildwood, Woodland Hills and Worthington Hills.

Homeowner Michelle Fulkerson tells WDRB News, "My dogs, they bark at everything.  I think when I let them out, I am so glad I didn't come out here."

Michelle Fulkerson's pups deserve a few extra treats.  When Buddy and Sissy woke her up at three in the morning, she thought they needed to use the restroom.  Fulkerson says, "There was just stuff up and down our driveway in our front grass -- things out of the car on both sides and none of the doors were shut back."

It turns out they may have chased away a thief.  "They woke me up barking," Fulkerson says, "so that might have been why there was stuff everywhere because we might have scared them -- that's what police think."

Police also think man the dogs frightened away from the Fulkerson's Polo Fields home is responsible for the rash of home and car break-ins in east Louisville throughout the last four months.

According to multiple arrest reports, 23-year-old William J. Dodson Jr. was arrested Oct. 11 on a warrant involving an alleged incident on Sept. 22, when Dodson tried to pawn a 1964 Dupont Manual High School class ring stolen from a woman's home.

After his arrest, police say Dodson admitted to breaking into over 100 vehicles in east Louisville.

Among the items Dodson admitted to stealing were: cash, checks, an axe and knife camping set, eyeglasses, laptops, GPS devices and handguns.

LMPD Detective Don Wright says, "The bad news about this was, we have not recovered any of the property."

Fulkerson didn't lose much, and her neighbors lost mostly electronics and cash.  Fulkerson explains, "They're getting security lights for their homes.  Some people have changed locks and doors."  She hopes this arrest can restore the peace in her quiet community.

Police say the thefts happened from June to October of this year.

Dodson has been charged with multiple counts of theft by unlawful taking.

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